The Microdosing Guidebook:

The Microdosing Guidebook: A Step-by-Step Manual to Improve Your Physical and Mental Health through Psychedelic Medicine

The Microdosing Guidebook is the ultimate guide on macrodosing psychedelic medicines. The Mirodosing Guidebook is composed of 3 sections; a guidebook to help educate individuals who are interested in learning about microdosing, a reference manual for health professionals who want to learn how to support their patients in macrodosing psychedelics, and a 6 week workbook to learn how to incorporate the changes in one’s everyday life.

Topics The Microdosing Guidebook covers:
  • What are psychedelic medicines
  • What is microdosing and it’s history
  • Reasons and rational for microdosing
  • Physical and mental health applications (with research) and contraindications
  • What makes microdosing different from traditional treatments
  • Safety concerns (including potential drug/drug interactions).
  • Legality and trends in society
  • How to prepare microdoses
  • Six week workbook and how to make your personal microdosing soundtrack.
  • And much, much more

The Microdosing Guidebook will be available everywhere you buy books now….

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