Holistic healthcare by incorporating mind, body, spiritual, and emotional health.

Welcome to EntheoNurse.com. Within these pages you can learn more about me, my views, my work, and what I believe to be the innovative and exciting future of psychiatric therapies. If you have questions please let me know.

It is my hope to one day make this website a full resource on psychedelic medicines, but between family, work, school, and there projects it is low on my priority list..

Current pharmacological treatment options for psychiatric care is merely palliative attempts to address symptoms…

What is an entheogen?

The studio runs daily classes, where all levels are welcome. But if you’re a total beginner then we offer basic classes to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

For more general information on psychedelics, entheogens, and mental health, please visit my blog.


Founded in 2019 by C.J. Spotswood, EntheoNurse, is attempting to bring about change in mental health treatment with a different, altered view of the world.

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