Educational Programs:

These are the current education programs that EntheoNurse offers. If there is something specific that you’re interested in please let me know.

Psychedelics in Psychiatry (for contact hours)

Only $35*

*may be eligible for reimbursement by your employer

In this 1.5 hour nursing continuing professional development activity. I overview:

  • the history of psychedelics
  • current and past research
  • why the resurgence in interest
  • what changes occur while under the influence
  • how one may mitigate adverse effects
  • where do we go from here
  • why nurse may be perfectly positions to lead the way

This 1.5 hour nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by Connecticut Nurses’ Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

*Cost is slightly higher due to administration fees.

Psychedelics in Psychiatry (no contact hours)

Only $25

This is the same 1.5 hour course but does not include nursing professional development hours.

Microdosing psychedelics

Click on the link above to re-watch the amazing Q+A session I co-hosted to learn more about microdosing psychedelics….. its free!!!

Sign up for the interactive microdosing program I am offering through Rocking Life!!!!

Touted as being effective in improving mood and improving cognition, and recently published research discussing other potential uses such as decreasing pain or neurogenesis….. But what is it?

In this course you will learn about what microdosing is, what benefits many claim as being “life changing”, potential side effects, safety, dosing, and how one may achieve optimal outcomes*. I will review past research, current research, where the research is lacking, and the direction psychedelics may be moving .

*Individual results may vary


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  • I, EntheoNurse will not tell you where or how to find or procure any illicit substances (including psychedelics).

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