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Psychedelics Today

This is a link to the Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians and Therapists that I was able to provide 2 master classes; Exploring Psilocybin and Psychedelics & Serotonin Syndrome.

Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit

Annual online conference that celebrates the magic that this mystical substance provides.


I worked with the team at Psychedelic.Support on their Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches for continuing education (CE and CME) program.

Mycology Now

Mycology Now is a small company that offers mycology kits (spores) available to learn more about the exciting world.

Spores are single reproductive cells of fungi and are capable of giving rise to a new individual. At first, they started this because they felt it was their duty to give everyday people the ability to research them. 

NurseGrown Organics

NurseGrown Organics is a fellow nurse owned, 100% organic hemp & CBD products available by mail. 100% legal and it works!!!

Best part- Nurses get 25% off their purchase.


My interview with Carissa Kaye where we discuss psychedelics, nursing’s role, holistic practices, and the future of mental health treatments.

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* For full disclosure, I may earn a small commission for your referral. This does not influence my support for affiliates, and I believe in the products listed. If you would like me to work on a project or be an affiliate to your programs please send me information.

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